Murdoch University International Women’s Day 2019

On the 8th March 2019 I had the pleasure of joining Murdoch University in Perth to celebrate International Women's Day. The theme for 2019 was 'Balance for Better', which I explored through my experience in STEM, and argued that most importantly, we need balance in how we achieve gender equity: all genders working for the … Continue reading Murdoch University International Women’s Day 2019

Australian Embassy in Jakarta

In October 2018 I presented a TED-inspired keynote for the Embassy's Cracking the Code: where are tomorrow’s women leaders? event for the Australia Global Alumni in Indonesia, opened by His Excellency Gary Quinlan. I mapped out the barriers girls and women face along their pathway to STEM leadership, and identified how we can break these barriers and disrupt … Continue reading Australian Embassy in Jakarta

Arup Melbourne Gender and Engineering

On 8th August I presented to the Arup Melbourne office on gender and engineering. Sharing a personal perspective and experience as a woman in engineering helps people understand issues they don’t necessarily see (or maybe avoid seeing) and realise the impact of lots of tiny things that add up to a very big issue in our industry. … Continue reading Arup Melbourne Gender and Engineering

Ruyton Girls’ School Science Week

On 14th August I presented to Ruyton Girls'​ School for National Science Week, sharing how I use my engineering mindset of critical and strategic thinking, curiosity and creativity to solve problems from brain injury to gender equity.  I shared examples of my work at Arup to show how engineers can shape a better world, why … Continue reading Ruyton Girls’ School Science Week

Wellington High School STEM immersion day

On 20th June I worked with year 10 girls from Wellington High School to explore what it means to be a scientist/engineer, what influences our perceptions of them, and to help these girls see themselves in STEM jobs and roles that align with their self identity using WISE Campaign’s People Like Me resource.  Science and … Continue reading Wellington High School STEM immersion day

Shift: creating an inclusive workplace

At the end of April I had the pleasure of joining Valeria Ignatieva of WORK180 (Previously DCC Jobs) and Felicity Furey of Machinam Pty Ltd to be a Sherpa (guide) for the Swinburne Engineering Practice Academy’s first industry event as part of the quarterly series, Shift, to tackle one of engineering’s most persistent challenges: retaining women. Opened … Continue reading Shift: creating an inclusive workplace

Project Beta: age

My second Beta Session at the Swinburne Engineering Practice Academy explored the D&I topic of age and the associated stereotypes, barriers, and implications for our work in developing future-ready engineering professionals. A key takeaway from the session was that all generations can (and should) learn from the others, so we need to develop strategies to open … Continue reading Project Beta: age

Project Beta: unconscious bias

In our first Beta Session, we created an open and safe space for our Academy Partners to discuss their initial results of the Harvard Implicit tests, reflect on their life experiences and how they shape their perspectives, and how these biases could impact on their teaching and workplace environments. If we don't consciously manage our bias … Continue reading Project Beta: unconscious bias