Arup Leaders Inclusive Language Workshop

On the 1st June 2018 I facilitated my "Inclusive Language for an Inclusive Workplace" workshop for the leaders of Arup's Sydney Office. The purpose of the workshop was to equip leaders with new knowledge and reflective prompts to make their language more inclusive. They will then take what they learnt and works with their team … Continue reading Arup Leaders Inclusive Language Workshop

Dinosaurs walk among us – but are we all that much more evolved than them?

If I were to write an outraged article tearing down Gerry Harvey’s outdated and misogynistic comments regarding women on boards, most people in my network would agree, and think that this is just one of the dinosaurs coming out for a play, and who will soon fade away into irrelevance. However, think about this: after reading similar … Continue reading Dinosaurs walk among us – but are we all that much more evolved than them?

Make time for gender equity

Do you 'care about gender equity'? Do you 'care about women'? Are you invested in doing something because you have daughters or a wife? Yes? Great. My next question: how much time do you actually spend thinking, researching, reflecting, and acting to achieve gender equity? Throughout my years of being a gender equity champion (and being … Continue reading Make time for gender equity

Bosses, breasts and BS: why we need diversity in our design teams

Last week, I had to develop a non-academic and non-industry CV for a leadership program application. Taking all that I had read on CVs that are engaging and belong in 2018, I set out to make a spiffy CV with icons that added a little bit of character. However, I couldn’t ignore the bias that … Continue reading Bosses, breasts and BS: why we need diversity in our design teams

#Pressforprogress GE Australia Podcast

I spoke to GE Australia to celebrate 2018 International Women's Day, and discuss how I will #pressforprogress and challenge stereotypes and bias. You can find the podcast here, and listen to Kylie Walker (CEO STA and Chair of the Australian National Commission for UNESCO), Dr Ronika Power, (2017 Superstar of STEM & Lecturer in Bioarchaeology), Max … Continue reading #Pressforprogress GE Australia Podcast

Sisters in Science International Women’s Day Panel

After visiting the Digital Transformation Agency in Canberra, I was back in Melbourne to conclude International Women's Day with the Sisters in Science Panel: Changing the Game for Women in STEMM. I spoke about the importance of fixing systems, not women, and that gender equity was the responsibility of everyone - not just women, and not … Continue reading Sisters in Science International Women’s Day Panel

Digital Transformation Agency International Women’s Day

On the 8th March 2018 - International Women's Day - I was hosted by the CEO Gavin Slater and the rest of the Digital Transformation Agency to deliver a workshop on gender equity in STEM. I took the DTA through my STEM journey and my pathway as a champion for gender equity. Our discussion culminated … Continue reading Digital Transformation Agency International Women’s Day

Don’t let young women ‘just get on with it’

This year Australia, and particularly our scientific community, was ecstatic at the naming of Prof Michelle Simmons as Australian of the Year. Her work in quantum computing at the University of New South Wales, and launching Australia into ‘the space race of the computing era’ makes her a more than worthy recipient of this award. … Continue reading Don’t let young women ‘just get on with it’

YWCA Canberra She Leads High

On the 28th November 2017, I delivered a keynote address to the YWCA Canberra She Leads High Conference, a one-day leadership event specifically targeted at young women, including female identifying and non-binary people, in years 9 and 10. Being able to speak about my journey, lessons learnt, and what lies ahead for all of us was … Continue reading YWCA Canberra She Leads High

Defence Science and Technology Group

On the 28th June, I delivered a keynote presentation in the Defence Science and Technology Group's (DTS Group) Inspiring Speaker Series, which is one of their activities undertaken as part of the Science in Australia Gender Equality (SAGE) initiative. I spoke to DST Group and wider-Defence members on my journey in STEM, the activities of … Continue reading Defence Science and Technology Group