Wellington High School STEM immersion day

On 20th June I worked with year 10 girls from Wellington High School to explore what it means to be a scientist/engineer, what influences our perceptions of them, and to help these girls see themselves in STEM jobs and roles that align with their self identity using WISE Campaign’s People Like Me resource.  Science and … Continue reading Wellington High School STEM immersion day

Project Beta: unconscious bias

In our first Beta Session, we created an open and safe space for our Academy Partners to discuss their initial results of the Harvard Implicit tests, reflect on their life experiences and how they shape their perspectives, and how these biases could impact on their teaching and workplace environments. If we don't consciously manage our bias … Continue reading Project Beta: unconscious bias

Arup Leaders Inclusive Language Workshop

On the 1st June 2018 I facilitated my "Inclusive Language for an Inclusive Workplace" workshop for the leaders of Arup's Sydney Office. The purpose of the workshop was to equip leaders with new knowledge and reflective prompts to make their language more inclusive. They will then take what they learnt and works with their team … Continue reading Arup Leaders Inclusive Language Workshop